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For one to succeed when they are buying goods and services, they have to take a special look at what is being offered to them. The most effective way to do this is to invest a bit of time and resources in the discovery process. You have to look at the person, brand or product fulfilling your needs from different angles. In the older days, consumers looked at authority journalistic pieces by the likes of the consumer report magazine to gauge the satisfaction they’d received would they decide to use different service providers or products.

Today, a lot of things haven’t changed but the way many of us buy has changed thanks to the Internet and interconnections across borders. Knowing well that most consumers want to have a thorough discovery process, the Internet is laden with information the consumer wants. The consumer information ranges from raw customer reviews on e-commerce websites, expert reviews, bloggers, affiliate websites, etc.

In a nutshell, Internet consumer confidence is driven by information available to them. There are however a few areas with minimal consumer information but with extreme challenges.

Student consumers vs. essay writing companies

Essay writing companies and their student counterparts work in an extremely private environment. The lack of adequate information the students can rely on when making hiring decisions makes the situation a bit more complicated. The best the student should do to find the best custom essay writer is to check out adequate reviews. Since essay writing companies have none owing to the privacy agreements they give to students, review websites like come in.

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Why we review essay writing companies

Although there are very many custom paper writers out there, lack of information is crippling to the students. The lack of centralized reviews also makes the process tedious and time consuming, a thing that doesn’t work for many students. We deliver all the information the student needs to choose an essay writer on one website, safeguarding them, as well as saving time for them.

How it works

There are two main types of reviews on this website; the first one comes from real customers. They (real past customers of essay companies) rate and comment on different companies they’ve used. We organize the entire set of reviews to rank highly rated companies as recommendations. We also send experts to review custom essay companies; these ones write a complete summary detailing each company to would be buyers.